Terms & Conditions

Air/Sailing/Arrival dates and transit times:

Quoted times and dates are always subject to change based on space on board, possible port congestion, adverse sea and air conditions or safety and operational consideration. Presented transit times and arrival dates are estimated times only, and schedules might be advanced, delayed and cancelled with the carrier having no liability for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages or losses sustained as a result of such modifications.

By shipping through HayPost:

You authorise HayPost US Inc. to perform the following actions on your behalf: to process, sort, repack, transport, and deliver in the territory of the Republic of Armenia in accordance with the laws of Postal Communication of RA.

In accordance with these Terms, you acknowledge and agree that you are aware of the conditions of the customs legislation of the Republic of Armenia, as well as the need to make customs formalities in the cases defined by the customs legislation of the Republic of Armenia and to make your payments in accordance with the customs legislation of the Republic of Armenia. To learn more about customs procedures of RA, please, visit the www.src.am/en .

You are aware of the restrictions and prohibitions provided by The US legislature that will be imposed during the acceptance and processing of the deliverables.

You certify that the information you provided regarding shipment is correct to the best of your knowledge, the content and items don't contain any dangerous goods, or any articles prohibited by the TSA/Customs Regulations of the USA and Armenia.